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Our operations are about press line automation. Founded in 1984, the company is based in Olofström and is part of the Binar AB industrial group.


Most of our customers are found in the automotive industry. A represen-tative assignment can be about supplying destackers, interpress handling and die changing system to a sheet metal press line consisting of four to six presses. Complete undertakings - electric- and mechanical installation, putting into service, training, etc.


Basis of operations is the UniFeeder, a special press automation robot developed by Binar. Its unique construction guarantees simple, fast and easily maintained solutions. Thanks to its flexibility and high performance it meets all the basic needs of a press line such as destacking, interpress handling and after press handling (stacking).


The service department Customer Service support you with field service, technical assistance and optimization, parts and training, to sum it up we assist with everything that enables you to maximize your production facilities.


  • Simple, fast, flexible, easily maintained and cost effective solutions.
  • Complete undertakings from installation and putting into service to training and support.
  • UniFeeder – a two-axis freely programmable automation robot with unique characteristics.
  • Die rolling – Die changing




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