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The UniFeeder´s characteristics with free choice of horizontal stroke (X-axis) and extremely good performance of vertical movement (Z-axis) makes it well suited for destacking applications. An advantage is that the Destacker can be used for blank stacks both on stack carts and lift tables. Destacker for separation of steel, aluminium, stainless steel etc.


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Interpress Feeder Unit


The Interpress unit consists of a UniFeeder with a double tool bar together with an Idle Station or a Turnover placed in between the presses. The UniFeeder solution leaves a large free floor space between the presses. This will facilitate setup work, such as tool bar change and die changes.

Because the UniFeeder works as both unloader and loader at the same time, a smooth and harmonious flow of production is achieved, similar to the regular flow of a transfer press.


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End of Line handling


The UniFeeder is also a perfect solution for End of Line handling with free choice of horizontal stroke (X-axis), vertical stroke (Z-axis) and side motion (Y-axis). Since also a tilt function is available the UniFeeder can stack panels both horizontally and vertically. This means that the UniFeeder End of Line handling equipment is a four (4) axis fully programmable unit without stroke limitations.


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