The Binar Press Automation co-workers are highly skilled engineers with a wealth of solid experience in press automation.


This accumulated knowledge enables us to offer services for optimizing the press process, from sheet metal coil to finished panel. Our services increase the process capacity and consequently leads to greater production output.



Process Improvements

By analyzing and optimizing the press process we decrease the production cycle time and therefore make more efficient use of the line. The number of panels produced increase but this improvement will not compromise the long-lasting durability of the equipment since we also optimize for smooth movements. This leads to less wear and need for mechanical maintenance.


• Analysis of the press process.. 

• Identifying problems and possible improvements.

• Programming and optimization of application programs and parameters.

• Reports of realized process improvements.




System Improvements

We implement system improvements by upgrading the control system´s existing hardware and software to the latest version. These kinds of upgrades also include updated documentation.




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