Spare Parts


Binar Press Automation Division strives to provide professional parts service. We will supply the correct spare part or wear component to our customers through high supply reliability and shortest possible delivery time.



Therefore we offer the following parts solutions:



Critical Parts

A number of critical parts, which normally have very long delivery time or will cause production downtime if broken, are held at our warehouse in Olofström. We can respond to your parts need ”from door to door” within 24 hours in Europe and 60 hours worldwide.



Sometimes it is more cost-effective to repair than to acquire new equipment. Binar engineers are available to perform repairs of your control system´s electrical parts such as positioning systems, operator panels, etc.



Exchange Parts

In order to receive fast delivery and minimize production downtime, our exchange part program is available for the electrical parts of the control system (positioning systems and operator panels). Upon the receipt of a defect part an identical one is immediately dispatched from our warehouse of repaired parts.



Consignment Stock Holding

Naturally the best supply reliability and shortest delivery time is achieved if the spare part is already on site at the customer when needed. Accordingly we can offer a customized consignment stock holding agreement. This means that we provide agreed parts to your stock on site and provide service of your inventory.




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